Canoeing down the Ardeche in a half-day

3 canoës jaunes sous le Pont d'Arc

Canoeing down the Ardeche in a half-day from Vallon Pont d’Arc for an unforgettable day out with your family or friends! You’ll embark directly from our base, leaving your vehicle in the shade of our parking lot.

You’ll rent your own canoe or kayak, and after a full briefing on safety and how to use your boat, you’ll set off on the water directly from our base for the trip Pont d’Arc : a must-see or in shuttle for the tour Sliding from Sampzon to la Petite Mer and for The fun run.

When you arrive, we’ll have agreed on your return time so you can enjoy your half-day canoe rental on the Ardèche. You’ll have a morning or afternoon to paddle down the river and enjoy a swim, a picnic break or a nap. You’ll paddle between 1h30 and 3 hours, depending on your route, but you can keep your canoe all day if you wish.

We’ll pick you up by bus and take you back to La Petite Mer at the end of your trip.

If you prefer to be supervised by an experienced instructor with a “brevet d’état”, please have a look at our packages guided canoe trips in a half-day. This package is particularly suited to nature enthusiasts who want to know everything about our beautiful river, and to families with children under 7.