Self-guided canoe rental

Le pont d'arc avec les rayons du soleil et le ciel bleu

Self-guided canoe rental is accessible to everybody because descent of the Ardèche can be made without and particualr difficulty. Several packages are available, from 7 km to 32 km. You’ll need to know the basics of navigation and a few safety rules, which our team will share with you during the briefing. Equipped with our professional equipment, you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful descent of the Ardèche in complete safety. You must be at least 7 years old to hire a boat, and be able to swim. Discover our affordable rates.

3 rental packages

1 adulte guide dans un canoe ouvert vogueur bleu, orange et rouge et blanc, les enfants rigolent ils ont des gilets de sauvetages oranges



In the morning or afternoon, come and cover the 7 to 13 km of the La Petite Mer water sports center in Châmes, passing under the famous Pont D’Arc.

An unforgettable experience for everyone!

canoe jaune et vert avec un homme et une femme avec des pagaies et des gilets de sauvetages entrain de passer un rapide en canoe sur l'Ardèche

1 day canoeing


Take a day trip down this great canyon in the Gorges de l’Ardèche. Meet at our base at 8:30 for the 24 or 32 km descent.


A sporting day with breathtaking scenery!

une femme et un enfant en canoe jaune et vert avec des gilets de sauvetage vert dans un rapide sur la rivière Ardeche

Canoeing in 2 days or +


Take time to immerse yourself in the magnificent landscape of the Ardèche Gorges. Spend the night at the Gaud or Gournier bivouac in the Nature Reserve.


Escape and reconnection guaranteed!


un enfant en canoe, leve les bras avec sa pagaie en l'air sur la riviere ardeche

Sliding rom Sampzon to la Petite Mer

A small section upstream of the Petite Mer, 6 km of navigation, 5 slides, for a very first experience

Two possible departures: 10 a.m. or 1 p.m.
After explaining the basics of navigation and safety rules, we’ll take the bus to Sampzon.

After a few kilometers, you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent scenery, beaver huts, a succession of lakes and bathing spots, and mills along this stretch of the river.
We stop at La Petite Mer. You can arrive at our base whenever you like.


Pont d’Arc : a must-see

Departure is from our base in Vallon Pont D’arc, arriving at Châmes 7 km down the road.
Departures are at all hours.
You’ll be paddling for about 1h30, but you can keep your canoe all day if you wish. This descent of the Ardèche is ideal for discovery, with a passage under the mythical Pont d’Arc, and a stop at the entrance to the grand canyon.

Approximately 1h30 of navigation, plus swimming, picnics, jumps, naps… We’ll plan the time of your return together, so you can get the most out of your trip.

un canoe jaune et vert passe un rapide sur la rivière Ardèche, un homme et une femme. lui porte une casquette noire quiksilver et elle une casquette grise, ils ont tous les 2 une pagaie double jaune

The fun run

A 12 km descent of the Ardèche river with 5 toboggan crossings, followed by a few rapids and the majestic Pont d’Arc.

The trip takes around 3 hours, but you can keep your canoe all day if you wish.

Departures are at 10 a.m. or 1 p.m., and returns are arranged with you to enjoy the beaches, jumps, swimming and picnicking along the way.

1 day canoeing

canoe jaune et vert avec un homme et un jeune adolescent avec des gilets bleus et des pagaies jaunes, l'un est chauve, l'autre à une casquette noire et bleue, ils passent un rapide sur la rivière Ardèche

The sporting adventure

This one-day descent of the Ardèche river covers a distance of 24 km and departs from Châmes at the entrance to the Gorges, a few kilometers after the Pont d’arc. It’s recommended for the more athletic, as the day will be intense
Meet at our base at 8:30 a.m. to head for the entrance to the Ardèche Gorges nature reserve. The average duration of the trip is around 5 hours, excluding breaks.

Coffee is provided in the morning, you’ll be given a briefing beforehand, and you’ll return to La Petite Mer at around 6 pm. After this wonderful experience, we’ll return by bus (organized with us in the morning) to our base, where we’ll share a refreshing drink.

une femme et un homme à la sortie d'un tobboggan ou glissière sur l'ardèche à Sampzon, la femme est surprise par l'eau, le garçon sourit, derrière on aperçoit une chute, un bateau canoe jaune et vert une pagaie orang et une jaune

Even more intense

This will be an intense day, as you’ll cover the 32 km in 7 hours! This adventure is designed primarily for sports enthusiasts.

Departure for this 32 km descent is at 8 a.m. from our base. After we’ve offered you coffee, equipped you and explained the basics of navigation, you’ll set off for around 7 hours of sailing, not including breaks.

You’ll be back at our base in Vallon Pont d’Arc by 6 pm. Recommended for people in good physical condition.

Book your overnight stay in one of our bivouacs (Gaud or Gournier) with all-inclusive canoe rental. Several options are available: one-day, two-day or three-day descent.

Un homme tire un canoë sur l'Ardèche

Bivouac escape

The best way to enjoy this beautiful canyon in the Ardèche Gorges

A 2-day descent to enjoy this canyon of the Ardèche Gorges and bivouac in the heart of the reserve.

We suggest you complete the 32 km descent in 2 days (bivouac at extra cost). Allow around 2h30 to 3h for the first day, depending on your choice of bivouac, and 2h30 to 3h for the second day.
You’ll spend the night at one of the bivouac sites, the first Gaud or the second Gournier, where you’ll find sanitary facilities, showers and barbecues. Bathe in an unspoilt environment in the middle of the Gorges de l’Ardèche canyon.

You’ll be greeted by rangers from the Ardèche Gorges Nature Reserve, who’ll be happy to share some of the secrets of this great Ardèche canyon with you. Reservations for the bivouac must be made at the central reservation office, in order to control and preserve this unique site. A new regulation is in force concerning the consumption of alcohol, which is forbidden in the reserve.

Contact us to organize your bivouac, we’ll share our experience and help you create unique memories.


Immersion bivouac

The perfect way to immerse yourself in the Gorges de l’Ardèche reserve, with a 3-day descent. The first day’s stop is at the Gaud bivouac, after 2h30 of navigation.
The following day, you’ll have time to stroll to the Gournier bivouac, an hour’s sail away.

You’ll then have the choice of following the Gaud botanical trail and taking a swim, enjoying the beaches, observing the flora and fauna, discovering a cave or even a balsam for a timeless break… You’ll have the whole day to reach the Gournier bivouac (6 km) and relax before finishing your descent the next day.

You’ll have just a few hours of sailing left to reach Sauze and take the bus back to the base of La Petite Mer (return trip pre-arranged with us).

Memories guaranteed!

Feel free to contact us to organize your bivouac, we’ll be happy to share our experience with you.